GrandCare WINS 1st place: Most pitches for post-discharge patient pilot

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GrandCare recently participated in the 2nd Annual “Pitch for Pilots” (P4P) live pitch in partnership with Aging2.0 at AgeTech West in Seattle.

10 innovative companies were selected to pitch for a pilot in front of hundreds of long term care and aging service providers. The P4P gives aging service providers an opportunity to get a jump-start down the road of strategic innovation and technology adoption.

All audience members had an opportunity to vote with bids, vying to be the organization that the innovator chose to pilot with.

GrandCare launched a new risk management program, focused on reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions by encouraging patient engagement, enhancing patient experience, thereby achieving better outcomes.

GrandCare was delighted to receive the award (tied for first place with innovator, Gerijoy) for most pilot requests.

Sunrise Senior Living Lists grandCARE in “8 Gadgets to Buy for Seniors this Season”

8 Gadgets To Buy For Seniors This Season

By Tim Watt on November 3, 2014

Caregivers and family members know how often they worry about the beloved seniors in their family. If you’ve caught yourself fretting about their eating habits, their difficulty working the TV or the possibility of them injuring themselves, worry no more. Luckily, there’s a gadget for all these issues and more. These tech tools could ease your concerns and make loved ones’ lives easier. Consider these devices when doing your holiday shopping this year.

Dell Med PromptThe GrandCare System

This all-in-one system is everything a family member needs to keep calm if loved ones live alone or in a retirement community. It uses motion sensors to help track a senior’s movements throughout the day. If something goes awry, families will get an alert. The touchscreen system also has telehealth technology to connect with physicians. If your children take a cute photo or write a letter, you can easily send it through to older adults as long as they have an Internet connection.

Additional Senior Gadgets Include:

  • The VTech CareLine​
  • Amplified Photo Phone
  • TV Ears
  • Tek Partner Oversized TV Remote
  • GPS Shoes
  • Lutron Maestro Occupancy/Vacancy Sensors
  • Sonic Boom Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker


GrandCare to PITCH and showcase at AgeTech West in Seattle

GrandCare has been selected as a “PITCH FOR PILOT” Candidate at the upcoming AgeTech West conference in Seattle.  GrandCare will be pitching a brand new product model designed for aging organizations to better manage patient chronic conditions, mitigate hospital readmission risks, successfully transition patients from hospital to home and adhere to true patient-centered care with GrandCare technology playing the centerpiece.

Dell Med Prompt

WHEN: Nov. 17-18, 2014 #syncinseattle

WHERE: Seattle, Washington Hyatt Olive 8 Downtown

IV. Live 2014 Pitch-for-Pilots, real-time voting by Holleran

Facilitator: Stephen Johnson, co-founder, Aging2.0 and partner, Generator Ventures

The 2nd Annual “Pitch for Pilots” (P4P) live pitch in partnership with Aging2.0 will provide the opportunity for 8-10 innovative companies to pitch in front of hundreds of long-term care providers. This year AgeTech is welcoming participation by start-ups as well as established companies with a new product launch. The P4P gives aging service providers an opportunity to get a jump-start down the road of strategic innovation and technology adoption.

More info on the conference:

This year’s conference will explore how technology can better synchronize aging services with consumer desires to transform the aging “user experience” for older adults and aging service providers alike.

Older adults will be directly involved in providing feedback and experiences on what they find appealing and empowering about various technologies – and what’s not – through interactive forums and “sync-ups.” Aging service providers will also give accounts of their experience in piloting new technologies to better meet older adult needs and desires.

Leaders in aging technology from the Seattle-based companies like Microsoft and A Place for Mom, as well as Google, Panasonic, Intel, Care Innovations, Caremerge, LivWell Health and several aging service providers will be addressing the bigger picture of how innovation and technology will continue to revolutionize services by better responding to consumer preferences and focusing on the aging experience.

The bottom line is that norms have changed; technology innovation offers real opportunities for better, more person-centered and efficient care and services for older adults. Service providers, payers and policy makers need to think differently about how care is provided, innovative work-processes and modify programs to take advantage of what technology has to offer in leveraging staff and improving service to sync with consumer needs and desires.