GrandCare Has 500 Reasons To Celebrate

Indy drivers race for 500 miles. Peter, Paul and Mary were 500 miles from home. And now GrandCare has over 500 Likes on Facebook. We thank you for each and every one of them. But like the Proclaimers–who famously sang in the 80s that they would walk 500 miles and then walk 500 more–we’re not done yet. We’re going to go out and get another 500 Likes. How? By doing even more of what we do best on Facebook.

At GrandCare we’ve always had a strong focus on community and the building up of the entire aging/technology industry. It’s why we led the famous aging/tech industry weekly Thursday webinars and conference calls from 2008-2011 and why we co-founded the Aging Technology Alliance (AgeTek) in 2010. It’s why we started the no-host meet-and-greets/mix-and-mingles back in 2008 at CES to encourage networking and movement in this space.

That’s the spirit that guides us on Facebook. Not only do we use the platform to inform customers and other industry insiders about what we’re doing at GrandCare, but we also use it to share information about what’s going on in the wider industry. We’re proud of our long history of community focus. And we think it’s why we’ve recently reached that 500 like milestone.

Five hundred may not sound like an astronomical number. We’re not Youtube (80 million Likes) or Samsung Mobile (40 million). But then again we’re not Youtube or Samsung. We’re a big fish in a growing but still small pond. We are a pioneer. A grandfather to this industry. This aging/technology community is getting bigger every day. We are proud that we have had a role in the building of its foundation. In that context, 500 likes in a largely B2B industry is something we’re proud of. We thank you for each and every one of them.

On to 1,000!

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Will you join our movement to inspire and connect? GrandCare Contest

The GrandCare movement is changing the world…

GrandCare is leading a movement to change the world as we age.  View the movement video here: GrandCare’s Facebook page and just hit share on Facebook.  Two “sharers” will be selected as our Inspirational Movement Ambassadors and be highlighted by GrandCare AND will win a FREE GrandCare System on May 30th.

Here’s what the movement is about. Will you join us?

…Transforming and connecting

The simple touchscreen system, has big, easy to read buttons. It makes the connection with loved ones as easy as the push of a button.

…Empowering and soothing

Vitals and activities are recorded automatically. Peace of mind for the people far away who worry. Peace of mind of the senior, who knows loved ones can check in easily, and are alerted automatically if something isn’t right.

…Entertaining and informative

A wealth of information, connection, and entertainment easily available. Just push the buttons for news and weather. Games. Old-time radio. Videos. Family photos. The Internet.

…Friendly guidance

Messaging. Calendar and event reminders. Daily To-do lists. Medication reminders.

…Pure joy

Isn’t it time to inspire with GrandCare?

Will you join us to inspire and make your loved one’s life better? You have the power! Enter our Facebook contest.


Visit GrandCare’s Facebook page to view our video. Then share it with your Facebook friends. Everyone who shares will be entered into our contest. Two winners will be selected to win a GrandCare System on May 30th.

Inspire, motivate, influence someone special today! Join the GrandCare movement.


GrandCare hailed as “Granddaddy of all Tech Tools for Seniors” in local news segment

GrandCare was back on TV.

In a feature on ABC News 19 (WXOW in La Crosse), GrandCare was highlighted as one of five tools recommended to keep seniors living safely and independently in their homes as long as possible.

The segment, called “Making Technology Work for You,” which aired on May 3, described the technology available today to help seniors and people with disabilities live more independently and enjoyably as impressive. “As people are living longer, technology is only getting better.”

The segment featured Stacy Mitby, Service Coordinator for Western Wisconsin Cares, a nonprofit that provides long-term care services in the western region of Wisconsin, with the mission of  keeping members as independent as possible. It operates under a contract with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

One of the things Mitby liked about GrandCare is that, “it’s programmable, so you don’t need to go through an agency. It can alert your family or your friends, your support system, if you need help.” She also praised how easy it is to use. “It’s technology I can use, without having my children teach me.”

GrandCare was described as the “granddaddy of all tech tools for seniors.”

“The systems cost $699, plus $49 monthly subscription fees, but they pack in a lot of features. The GrandCare System has many of the same features you’d find in other tools, such as smart watches and medicine dispensers, plus it can be used in any setting and can record blood pressure, weight, pulse, blood glucose and temperature. It’s a communication, care management and activity sensor all wrapped into one touchscreen device.”

Click here to watch the segment.