GrandCare’s 2011 ABBY Awards Healthcare IT & Telecomm. Technology Video

GrandCare System’s Charlie Hillman was honored to be one of this years 11 “2011 Innovations In Healthcare ABBY Award Finalists”





The competition included a 4 minute long video presentation by the top finalists is each category. We think you’ll appreciate our TAKE on the Boomers changing the world! Take a look at our video titled, “The Greatest Generation”:  Consumer Facing Healthcare IT & Telecomm. Technology category. 

ABL created the IIH Awards Event, to honor healthcare industry leaders whose products and services are not just innovative, but are truly reducing the cost of providing quality healthcare. Past ABBY Award nominees and winners have included companies that have made breakthroughs and transformative advances in medical devices, diagnostics, therapeutics, information technology and electronic solutions, as well as organizations that have applied innovative systems and technology to providing care and coverage, decreasing the numbers of uninsured, and engaging healthcare consumers more actively in their care and health status.

Congratulations to this years winners Blausen Medical Communications, IDEAL LIFE, Teladoc, Inc., and Vertos Medical Inc., as well as this year’s “Leadership in Innovation” Award Winner, Daniel Kraft, MD, Founder and CEO of IntelliMedicine. 


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