1-27-11 Thursday GrandCare Webinar- Stacey Pierce from The Oaks speaks

WHEN: Thursday January 27th, 2pm EDT (1p CT).
WHERE: http://my.dimdim.com/grandcare
WHAT: Stacey Pierce from the Oaks speaks on “Innovative in-home care”

Topic Description:
Caregiving With A Side of Technology
We are caregivers, first and foremost, and with technology we are able to enhance what we can offer to people desiring to stay in their homes. Technology can be an important part of the caregiving puzzle; it takes time and a continued effort on our part, as industry leaders, to continue to provide options to those in need.

About Stacey Pierce:
Stacey is a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant, working with patients since 1996. In 2007, she joined The Oaks Staff as Director of Senior Solutions, a new home service business for their community. While successfully growing the Senior Solution business, their company recognized the impact that technology could have, and would have, on helping seniors stay at home longer while giving both the senior and the family peace of mind. With both her technology expertise and therapy background, she has the opportunity to play an active role in aging people in place around South Carolina.

Webinar Objectives:
1. Learn to prioritize
2. Enhance services with technology
3. Lead the industry with new innovations

Upcoming Events:

NAPGCM- – May 12-15, 2011 | Sheraton New Orleans Hotel | New Orleans, LA
AgeTek Discounts apply: http://www.caremanager.org/calendar.cfm


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