Thursday 9-30-10 GrandCare Call: Aging in Place2.0 by Louis Tenenbaum

Thursdays at 2pm Eastern Time (1p Central).
WHY: We need to work together to build this new aging & technology category!  Remember, the Aging Tsunami will float ALL boats!

Calls created & hosted by GrandCare Systems (since 2008).  Sponsored by various industry participants

9-30-10 2pm Eastern Time
Topic Title: Aging in Place 2.0 by Louis Tenenbaum

This session will review the key points of Aging in Place 2.0 and introduce a roadmap to reaching the infrastructure and business model spelled out in the report. Louis will describe his plans for the Aging in Place 2.0 Institute to create the market for business success serving older folks in their homes that is so tantalizing yet too often seems out of reach. Familiarity with the report before the call will be helpful, though not necessary.

About Louis Tenenbaum:
A former carpenter and contractor, Louis Tenenbaum is now a leading thinker, speaker and consultant on Aging in Place–the idea that our homes are the most desirable and economical place for housing and care. Based in Washington, DC’s Maryland suburbs, Louis helps businesses, nonprofits and individuals formulate and refine design, strategies, marketing and programming for Aging in Place homes, products and age friendly communities. Recently, he authored Aging in Place 2.0 – Rethinking Solutions to the Home Care Challenge, published by the MetLife Mature Marketing Institute.


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