Tomorrow Aging & Technology Conference Call: Livable Design

Hello Aging & Technology Enthusiasts!

Topic: Livable Design – Eskaton Demo Home’s Ashley Duke

Time: THURSDAY JULY 2, 2009
2pm EDT/1pm CDT/12n MDT/11am PDT

Dial In#: 269-320-8200 Access Code: 968410#

Optional Web-based Portion (for additional materials, visual aides & chat features)


– Next Webinar Wednesday July 8th at 12pm EDT/11am CDT
– Upcoming Conference Call Topics/Speakers
7-8-09: Andy Carle (GMU) – GPS enabled shoes
7-16-09 Yuval (My Vigorous Mind) – Brain Fitness
III: ROUND TABLE Nothing is “off the table”
This Week’s HOT Topics
A. Upcoming Events (connected health, etc.)
B. EHX Home HealthCare Pavilion – masters & attendees
D. New Technologies (what’s new?)
IV: CALL TOPIC: Livable Design & the Eskaton Nat’l Demo Home
Ashley is a Gerontologist working for Eskaton, a senior residents and service company in Northern California. Her primary passion has always been empowering older adults to live where they choose. Most recently she is a Demonstration Home Educator for the Eskaton National Demonstration Home, and a Planning Associate for the Research and Strategic Planning department.
Visit for more information on Eskaton Demo Home or call: 916.334.0810 and set up your free tour today!

A. Questions
B. What it takes to become a partner to the GC Vision Team. Receive reduced rates & residuals. Contact dealers(at)

This weekly conference call is hosted by GrandCare Systems. GrandCare is a complete communication, cognition and wellness technology allowing individuals to remain independent, safe & healthy at home.

Hope to catch you on the call tomorrow!

Laura Mitchell
GrandCare Systems


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